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Wedding Etiquette 101

I will be doing a series of posts about wedding ettiquette since a lot of people do not know about proper wedding etiquette when it comes to vendor payments, invitations, friend and family roles, etc. My first post will be addressed to invitees. If a couple mails you a save the date card or an invitation, please refrain from posting a picture or "instagramming" a photo of the invite onto social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, Vine, etc. There are many reasons why this is not appropriate. First off, they may not want everyone to know where they are getting married. What if an uninvited guest showed up at the wedding without an invitation because they saw something on social media? Second, there may be an ex spouse or ex girlfriend/boyfriend that might not be too happy about them getting married. We like to believe people are inherently good but everyone does not have your best interests at heart. Third and lastly, they may not want to offend acquaintances that they purposely did not invite to the wedding. Think about it, you may have close friends that are friends with others who you find to be an acquaintance but not someone you want to invite your wedding. And you may hang out with them with your close friends but don't see them as someone you want to invite to your special event. Trust me, people get upset about things like this and I have seen a lot in this industry. I hope that you all will find this information useful the next time you are invited to someone's big day.

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Wedding Bells & Events

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