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The best months to get married

"So, you want a summer wedding?" That was a question that I had asked a customer after she explained to me her dreams of being married in the summer. Although May, June and July are some of the most poular months to get married, they are some of the HOTTEST months too, if you live down south. You gals in the southern hemisphere know what I'm talking about. Merit that those months are full of brides packing bright festive colors on their wedding day, there are some other months to consider when getting married.


Although the time of year seems a little dull after new years, a lot of wedding professionals and venues offer huge discounts to couples who book during this month.


There is a growing population of brides who are getting married during this Valentine's Day weekend. It's a good time to show your love for each other and also vendors are scrambling to fill those empty holes in their schedules so they are liable to give you a good deal.


Although the back to school fuss tends to makes things a little crazy when tryng to fill up your guest list but I bet you didn't know that there is not a lot of competition between brides during this month. It's a great time get married and as I said before, vendors will probably give you a nice discount to go along with it.

So like I mentioned there are plenty of fabulous times to get married throughout the year, especially if you are in the business of saving money. Don't limit yourself to a certain month just because it's what you've dreamed of. Think of the benefit of saving all that cash, you'll have a little extra to spend on the honeymoon!

Love & Peace,

Whitney B.

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